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United States
Interests: Girls, eletric guitar, knives, music, guns, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Dark Stuff.

The names Andrew. I like all my interests, and i'm deeply fond of them all. I'm also a very nice guy if you get to know me well enough.

I have a hobby of guitar and video games.

I'm also a brony. Like it? Awesome! I'd like to get to know some more people! If not? Don't even bother bitching at me with your hate then.

Current Residence: Tallahasse, Florida
Favourite genre of music: Rock,metal
Favourite style of art: Cartoon, Dark
Sometimes I question myself, Why do I even draw or post art if people firstly never understand the basis or the significance of it all, insult me about it being "terrible" and so on, or just don't care at all about it.. It just makes me wonder if staying on DA is even worth my time, or my energy trying to please those who just mock or ignore me.. I love to please people who show interest in my works, like my wonderful watchers I've gathered over time. But if I'm not going to grow at all on DA, then what purpose do I have to stay? I can't use "professional" methods of drawing because I don't have that kind of technology or resources, and because I simply don't know how.. All I want is a little more appreciation for the time that I sacrifice for DA, and to let my account grow into something better.. But it just makes me wonder sometimes.. 

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